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Polytrauma or multiple trauma is the medical condition where a person is subjected to a number of traumatic injuries, such as a head injury along with other broken bones at the same time, as in the case of accidents on the road or in construction worksites.
In most cases, such a situation warrants an immediate response from surgeons from multiple disciplines to handle such life-threatening emergencies.
As an NHRCC in the region for handling accident and emergency cases and we have an excellent support system to handle most cases of polytrauma and mass casualties.
Equipped with excellent operating suites and surgical intensive care units, the orthopedics department along with surgeons from other specialties provide a timely response to polytrauma cases.

Emergency Trauma Services

All polytrauma/ accident patients are examined, and assessed by concerned specialists immediately on admission. The treatment plan is formulated on day one itself, surgeries are planned which helps in early treatment, early recovery, and minimal complications. This multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach from day one helps reduce hospital stay, and overall expenditure and most important significantly reduces mortality and morbidity.

With a strong, dedicated team of doctors and equally efficient staff, NHRCC Hospital is an exclusive NHRCC that offers emergency treatment in all cases of emergencies around the clock. NHRCC Hospital is an advanced trauma care center with services of a Neurosurgeon, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, General surgeon, and Intensivist available 24×7.

NHRCC Hospital is an advanced trauma care setup with a fully equipped emergency operation theatre and ICU, fully supported by a diagnostic center, laboratory, blood bank, and pharmacy 24x7x365.

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