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Surgical Oncology is a discipline of medicine committed to treating cancer tumours through the means of surgery. Cancer treatment methods include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy, bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy and more.

Traditionally, surgery has been the first line of treatment for cancer. It’s only in the last century that other treatment avenues like chemotherapy and radiotherapy came into being. Surgical oncology deals with the use of surgical techniques to treat all forms of cancer.


The treatment option can be surgery alone or surgery along with other treatment options. Surgery is performed to remove the formed tumour. In some cases, surgery isn’t helpful like in leukaemia (blood cancer), there is no mass to be removed.

Surgery in cancer treatment is mostly used

– To perform a diagnostic procedure to ascertain the stage of cancer

– Remove the tumour or cancer

– Remove a part of the tumour

– Palliative surgery is performed to ease the symptoms of cancer

– Reconstructive or restorative surgery to change the condition of the body post-surgery.

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