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Like there are different types of wards in a hospital, there are different types of departments too. IPD is a department in a hospital that takes care of patients admitted in the hospital for at least a night. An Inpatient Ward or Department is fully equipped with medical equipment and beds. The patient admitted to an Inpatient Ward is taken care of by the nurses and doctors for appropriate treatment. As an in-patient of the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, you have the right to receive considerate, respectful and compassionate care in a safe setting. You also have the right to ask your attending doctor to explain your diagnosis and the line of treatment. For seeking admission to the hospital you would need to follow the procedure outlined below.

Benefits of IPD Management

Bed Management & Allocation: To show the availability of beds to patients is crucial. This is what the pandemic has taught us in the past 24 months. Slow or delayed responses to patients’ requests for bed availability turn into a pathetic experience. NHRCC can help in providing the real-time availability of beds.

Discharge Summary: Through constantly aggregating the information on prescriptions, patient’s health status, and discharge details, information related to billing are informed regularly to patients. There are no unwanted financial surprises for patients during the discharge process. Also, there are very few errors and mistakes in the discharge summary, which leads to pleasant discharge journeys for patients.

Patient Registration: A NHRCC  helps the reception team with quick accessibility to a digital mode of appointment and the availability of doctors. With real-time visibility, there is efficient care by offering patient enrolment, ready templates, patient check-in time, billing information, prescription verification, report details, follow-up requests, and EHRs/EMRs updation and retrieval onto a single platform.

Lab Reports: For staff involved in laboratory activities, the proliferation of NHRCC  is a blessing. It gives quick ability to keep a track record of samples, test results, etc. It opens a doorway to generating inpatient orders, monitoring the progress of the test, and providing essential updates associated with it in real-time.

Billing: In your effort to manage inpatient bills efficiently, NHRCC always helps. From a paper-based tedious approach, you can easily shift to a fast mode of managing the billing process. It swiftly pulls out the correct billing details with just a few clicks and keystrokes. The billing system starts working as soon as the patient starts getting services from the hospital. It takes the total billable information right from the confirmation date and time to the release date and time.

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