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What is a Trauma

Traumatic injury is caused by various forces from outside of the body, which can either be blunt or penetrating (sharp). Blunt trauma includes falls, road traffic crashes; crush injuries, assaults (punches, kicks) and burns. Penetrating trauma involves shooting, stabbing or falling onto a sharp object (known as impalement).

Trauma centers offer more extensive care than emergency departments, and the difference between a trauma center and emergency room can be life and death.

Emergency & Trauma

The emergency unit at NHRCC is located on the ground floor for convenient and swift access in case of an emergency. 24/7 Trauma Centre is a one-stop Accident Facility Centre, equipped to handle a range of medical crises, from minor to critical emergencies, and resuscitations in complex road traffic accidents. All emergencies are managed in a 15 bedded emergency care unit, looked after by an experienced team of doctors. Dedicated elevators ensure quick transfer of patients to operating rooms and ICUs. Round-the-clock ambulance services at this institute provide 24/7 coverage for trauma patients and have the best critical life-saving equipment on board. Our objectives are :
  • Providing Prompt Medical attention.
  • Stabilizing the Patients.
  • Quick and safe transportation to the hospital.

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